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Multi-Agency Reviews

Investigations into specific topics of government may encompass various state agencies. These reports include topics of evaluation among multiple state government agencies. 


Act 208 of 1975, Analysis of Problems and Possible Abuses in Implementing (1979) 


Budget Process, A Review of the Legislative Oversight in the State (1980)


Cell Phones, Pagers, and Satellite Phones, A Review of State Use of (2008)
Cost Savings for State Government: A Special Study (1992) 


Endowments, A Review of the Relationship Between State Agencies and Associated (1983) 


Health and Human Services Agencies: A Review of Non-Medicaid Issues, South Carolina (2003)
Human Services, A Plan for a SC Statewide Integrated Information System for (1978) 
Human Services Demonstration Project, A Review of the (1984) 


Information Technology, Improving South Carolina's Management and Use of (1997) 


Land, A Review of South Carolina's Management of State-Owned (1999) 
Legislative Oversight, A Study of the Impact of Federal and Other Funding on (1977) 
Long Term Care and Related Services for the Elderly, A Limited-Scope Review of (1993)


Pensions Administered by the State of South Carolina, A Review of the Public (2015)
Printing, Duplicating and Photocopying Activities of SC State Agencies, Program and Operational Review of (1978) 
Procurement Cards, A Review of State Agencies' Use of (2011)
Procurements, Statewide Review of Noncompetitive (1988) 
Purchasing Systems and Public Purchasing in SC, A Comparison of Cost Effectiveness Procedures Among Centralized and Decentralized (1981) 


Transportation Services Provided by State Agencies, A Review of (2001)
Travel: A Review of the Use of State Aircraft and the Purchase of Commercial Airline Tickets, State Air (2010)
Travel, A Review of State (2005) 


Victim Services in South Carolina, An Overview of (2007)


Workforce Investment Act Program, A Review of the South Carolina (2010)