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Work In Progress

Department of Health and Human Services Children's Behavioral Health Services

Members of the General Assembly requested an audit of the Department of Health and Human Services regarding changes in the reimbursement policies for children’s behavioral health services.  We will review how these changes have impacted these services for the children in our state.

Department of Employment and Workforce

State law requires us to conduct an audit of the Department of Employment and Workforce in 2018. The minimum requirements include providing a detailed accounting of the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund revenues and expenses, the adequacy of reporting the financial status of the trust fund to state officials, assessing alternatives for Trust Fund solvency, examining the unemployment eligibility benefit process, and evaluating the effectiveness of the agency’s programs for assisting claimants in returning to work. 

Department of Corrections

The House Legislative Oversight Committee requested a review of the Department of Corrections.  Areas of concern include staffing issues, contraband, inmate incidents, litigation costs, and personnel issues.