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Work In Progress

Department of Commerce

We are conducting an audit of economic incentive packages entered into by the Department of Commerce over the last 10 years. Among other things, we will review the extent to which the incentives achieved the desired results and the accuracy of the department’s methodology in estimating and tracking the impact of the incentives.

Department on Aging

We are conducting an audit of the Department on Aging that includes, but is not limited to, a review of the agency structure; employment policies and practices; consulting contracts;  service contracts and access to services; compliance with state and federal laws; and adoption and use of best practices. 

Department of Juvenile Justice

We are conducting an audit of the Department of Juvenile Justice to address concerns, including financial issues, educational opportunities for juveniles, security measures, medical care for juveniles, and human resources’ issues including hiring, promotions, salaries, and training. We will include follow-up on the most impactful recommendations from our January 2017 audit entitled A Limited Review of the S.C. Department of Juvenile Justice.  In our 2017 audit, we made recommendations for areas including security, accounting issues, education, data issues, and community placement.