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Health Agencies 2003

South Carolina Health and Human Services Agencies: A Review of Non-Medicaid Issues
January 2003


Members of the General Assembly asked the Legislative Audit Council to conduct an audit of the eight agencies assigned to the health, human services, and Medicaid budget subcommittee of the House Ways and Means committee. These agencies’ budgets for FY 02-03 totaled $5.7 billion, comprising nearly 38% of the state’s budget. The audit requesters asked us to make recommendations for reorganization of these agencies to eliminate duplication and improve services. They were also concerned about funding, controls over client eligibility, and the agencies’ outcome measures. While many of the programs we reviewed are funded by Medicaid, we did not review administration of the Medicaid program in this report, as it is covered in a concurrent LAC audit, Options for Medicaid Cost Containment (January 2003).