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National State Auditor's Association (NSAA)

2016 Excellence in Accountability Award
A Review of Child Welfare Services at the Department of Social Services (2014)

National Legislative Program Evaluation Society (NLPES)

Excellence in Evaluation Awards


Excellence in Research Methodology Award 

1991 A Limited-Scope Review of the Department of Social Services (1991)

Impact Awards

2018 A Review of the South Carolina Transportation Infrastructure Bank (2016) 

2015 A Review of S.C. First Steps to School Readiness (2013)

2011 A Management Review of the S.C. Employment Security Commission (2010)

2008 A Management Review of the SC Department of Transportation (2006)

2005 A Review of the Public Service Commission (2003)

2004 An Administrative Review of the Department of Commerce (2002)

2002 A Review of Selected Medicaid Issues: Fraud and Abuse, Prescription Drug Costs, and Funding (2001)

1999 A Management Review of the Department of Natural Resources (1997)

1998 Auto Insurance in South Carolina (1997)