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SCDOT 2016

A Review of the S.C. Department of Transportation
April 2016


Members of the General Assembly, including the House Legislative Oversight Committee, asked the Legislative Audit Council to conduct an audit of the S.C. Department of Transportation.

Our objectives were to:

  • Identify funding levels since FY 05-06.
  • Review expenditures since FY 05 06.
  • Determine if the department has followed the provisions of Act 114 regarding prioritization.
  • Review contracting activities for fairness, percentage of out of state entity awards, and identify the amount awarded to contractors employing former SCDOT employees.
  • Report the status of problems identified in the annual audits performed as a result of S.C. Code of Laws §57-1-490.
  • Perform a follow-up review of the contracted 2010 MGT, Inc. audit recommendations.
  • Review pavement resurfacing issues.
  • Conduct a limited review of certain management-related topics.

SCDOT is responsible for just over 41,000 centerline miles of roads and 8,436 bridges. The percentage of the approximately 40,000 centerline miles of primary and secondary roads rated in poor condition has increased from a range of 31% – 33% in 2008 to a range of 46% – 54% in 2014.

The LAC is also currently engaged in an audit of the S.C. Transportation Infrastructure Bank (SCTIB) with release scheduled for spring 2016.