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FIA 2011

A Review of the Family Independence Act 2008-2010
May 2011


The Family Independence Act (FIA) requires the Legislative Audit Council (LAC) to report every two years on the success and effectiveness of the policies and programs created under the act.  This is our eighth report about the Family Independence (FI) program and the manner in which it has been implemented by the S.C. Department of Social Services (DSS).

S.C. Code §43-5-1285 requires the LAC to report on three measures:

  • The number of families and individuals no longer receiving welfare.
  • The number of individuals who have completed educational, employment, or training programs.
  • The number of individuals who have become employed and the duration of their employment.

State law also requires the LAC to report on other data and information the council considers appropriate in reporting to the General Assembly on the effectiveness of this act.