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A Sunset Review of the South Carolina Forestry Commission
August 1998


The sunset law (§1-20-10 et seq. of the South Carolina Code of Laws, repealed 1998) requires the State Reorganization Commission to determine annually which agencies or agencies' programs are scheduled for termination. In June 1997, the reorganization commission selected the South Carolina Forestry Commission (SCFC) for sunset review in FY 97-98. Pursuant to the sunset law, the Legislative Audit Council reviewed the laws and operations of SCFC and evaluated its performance. We recommend continuation of SCFC as an independent agency and have made recommendations to improve its operations.

Overall, we found that the commission needs to improve certain aspects of its fire and forest management programs. Our review also revealed several possible conflicts of interest involving the agency head and members of the agency’s governing board. SCFC has resolved problems related to financial accountability which we found in our 1987 review of the commission.