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Impact of the South Carolina Family Independence Act: 1996 to 1998
June 1998


The Family Independence Act (FIA) requires the Legislative Audit Council to report to the General Assembly every two years on the success and effectiveness of the policies and programs created under the act. We are required to address specific questions, including: the number of families and individuals no longer receiving welfare; the number of individuals who have completed educational, employment, or training programs under the act; and the number of individuals employed and the duration of their employment.

This will be our second report and is statutorily mandated to be published on or about August 31, 1998. The first report was published in 1996 and focused on how well the Department of Social Services (DSS) was implementing the mandates of the FIA. Because the Family Independence program had just begun in 1996, the effects of the act could not be fully addressed in the first report. Our second review looks at the impact of the FIA from its inception through December 31, 1997, and also includes several areas of concern identified through research and discussions with key legislators and legislative staff.