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Department of Social Services
Members of the General Assembly have asked us to review child protective services provided by the South Carolina Department of Social Services.  Through its child protective services program, DSS seeks to protect children from abuse and neglect within their families, within foster care, and by other persons legally responsible for their welfare.   In addition, we have been asked to review the department’s purchasing and contract management practices, its oversight of county operations, and the assessment of federal penalties against the department.  We will address each of these areas in an audit report on the management practices of DSS.

South Carolina Education Lottery
The Audit Council is required by S.C. Code §2-15-63(A) to conduct a management performance audit of the S.C. Education Lottery every three years.  This review will focus on funds spent from the lottery expenditure account, the lottery’s internal controls over its operations, and the status of recommendations made in the previous LAC lottery audits.