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Department of Health and Environmental Control
Members of the General Assembly requested that we determine whether the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) properly regulates abortion facilities as required by state law as found in §44-41-10 et. seq. of the South Carolina Code of Laws and DHEC Regulation 61-12.  Our review will focus on whether DHEC is inspecting the facilities pursuant to state law and how the agency verifies facility compliance. 

Department of Agriculture Farmers' Market
Members of the General Assembly requested that we review the Farmers’ Market and associated expenditures relating to the market’s relocation to Lexington County.  We conducted a previous review of the Farmers’ Market in April 2010.

South Carolina's Public Pensions
Members of the General Assembly requested that we conduct a review South Carolina’s public pensions with specific attention to the rate of return on investments, annual contributions by taxpayers and public employees, the allocation of investment assets, and the degree to which the pensions are adequately funded.  The present value of the pensions earned by public employees is approximately $47 billion.

Department of Mental Health
The Senate Medical Affairs Legislative Oversight Subcommittee directed the LAC to review four issues regarding the S.C. Department of Mental Health (DMH).  These issues include:

  • Review the terms of the sale of the DMH Bull Street campus and the agency’s plans for using the sale proceeds.
  • Determine whether the responsibilities of DMH established by the Sexual Violent Predator Act are appropriate for DMH.
  • Evaluate whether DMH and the Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services could be combined into one department.
  • Review the efficiency and effectiveness of the requirements of the forensics program operated by DMH.