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South Carolina Conservation Bank
Members of the General Assembly requested the LAC conduct an audit of the S.C. Conservation Bank. The audit requesters have specified several issues for review, including:
• Application approval procedures for the bank to make a commitment of its funds.
• The amount the bank is paying for properties.
• The commitment of the bank’s resources.
• Whether the bank’s use of its resources achieves enhanced public access for outdoor recreation.
• Recipients of grants. 

S.C. Department of Juvenile Justice
The House Legislative Oversight Committee asked the Legislative Audit Council to conduct an audit of the S.C. Department of Juvenile Justice.  The audit requesters have specified several areas for review, including security concerns, budgetary issues, and agency results. 

Department of Social Services
We are conducting a review of the Adult Advocacy program within the Department of Social Services. We will seek to identify ways to improve the processes for investigation and service provision in response to reports of abuse, neglect, and exploitation in the community. In addition, we will address human resource-related issues and coordination between agencies.