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Department of Social Services
We are conducting a review of the Adult Advocacy program within the Department of Social Services. We will seek to identify ways to improve the processes for investigation and service provision in response to reports of abuse, neglect, and exploitation in the community. In addition, we will address human resource-related issues and coordination between agencies.

The Citadel
We are conducting a management review of The Citadel. The requesters specified several areas for review, including issues with the President handling decisions which, according to state law, appear to be the responsibility of the Board of Visitors.

Office of State Fire Marshal
We are conducting a review of the Office of State Fire Marshal. The requesters  specified a concern of the loss of optimal functionality of the Office of State Fire Marshal, The Emergency Response Task Force, and the Fire Academy and provided some examples of areas possibly contributing to the issue, such as; deficiencies in facilities and training props, communications, long-term strategy, oversight responsibilities, and the certification processes.