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Mission and Vision

The Legislative Audit Council’s mission is to help ensure that state agencies and programs are efficient and that they achieve their performance goals and follow the law. Our vision is for our performance audits to become a primary source of information for legislative decision makers and the citizens of South Carolina in their efforts to improve state government. A key part of this vision is for the LAC to uphold the values of independence, reliability, accuracy, and thoroughness.

Goal 1
Improve the performance of state government.

Strategy 1: Conduct audits in compliance with Government Auditing Standards.
Strategy 2: Employ qualified staff.

Goal 2
Maintain or reduce the cost of state government.

Strategy 1: Make recommendations and determine level of implementation.

Goal 3
Provide information to the General Assembly and the public.

Strategy 1: Ensure audits are published in a punctual manner.
Strategy 2: Ensure that hourly audit costs are minimal.
Strategy 3: Ensure audits meet the needs of legislators and the general public.

September 2017