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National Conference of State Legislatures
National Legislative Program Evaluation Society
National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers, and Treasurers
National State Auditors Association

Council of State Governments
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
State and Local Government on the Net
SCIway South Carolina's Front Door
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U.S. Government Accountability Office
The Library of Congress
U.S. Census Bureau
IGnet (Federal Inspectors General)


Fraud Hotline handles calls from the public which report incidents of waste, fraud, misuse, and abuse of state funds. This hotline is maintained by the South Carolina Office of the Inspector General at 1-855-SCFRAUD (723-7283).

Legislative Fiscal Office
    Department of Examiners of Public Accounts

Alaska Division of Legislative Audit

Arizona Office of the Auditor General

Arkansas Division of Legislative Audit

Bureau of State Audits
    Legislative Analyst's Office

Colorado Office of the State Auditor

Connecticut Office of Program Review and Investigations

Delaware Office of the Controller General

Florida Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability

Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts

Hawaii Office of the Auditor

Idaho Office of Performance Evaluations

Illinois Office of the Auditor General

Indiana Office of Fiscal & Management Analysis

Iowa Legislative Fiscal Bureau

Kansas Legislative Division of Post Audit

Kentucky Legislative Research Commission

Louisiana Office of the Legislative Auditor

Maine Office of Program Evaluation & Government Accountability

Office of Legislative Audits

    Department of Legislative Services

Massachusetts Senate Post Audit and Oversight Bureau

Michigan Office of the Auditor General

Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor

Mississippi Legislative Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review

Missouri Committee on Legislative Research

Montana Office of the Legislative Auditor

Nebraska Legislative Audit Office 

Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau

New Hampshire Office of the Legislative Budget Assistant -- Audit Division

New Jersey Office of the State Auditor

New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee

New York Legislative Oversight

North Carolina Fiscal Research Division

North Dakota Legislative Council

    Legislative Office of Education Oversight

    Legislative Service Commission

    Office of the State Auditor and Inspector

    Oregon Legislative Services

    Secretary of State Audits Division

Pennsylvania Legislative Budget &Finance Committee

Rhode Island Auditor General

South Carolina
    Office of the State Auditor 

    Office of the Inspector General

South Dakota
    Legislative Research Council

    Office of State Auditor

    Division of State Audit
    Research & Education Accountability

State Auditor's Office 
    Sunset Advisory Commission

Utah Office of the Legislative Auditor General

Vermont Legislative Council

Virgin Islands Legislature of the Virgin Islands

Virginia Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission

Washington Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee

West Virginia
Performance Evaluation and Research Division

    Joint Committee on Government and Finance

Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau

Wyoming Legislative Service Office