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BABYNET PROGRAM: A Review of Early Intervention Services for Infants and Toddlers With Developmental Delays, SOUTH CAROLINA (September 2014)
Blind, A Review of Agency Restructuring and the Business Enterprise Program at the South Carolina Commission for the (July 2005)
Budget and Control Board, A Limited-Scope Review of State Purchasing Overseen by the (May 2007)
Budget and Control Board's Energy Office Operations and the Board's Hiring Practices, A Review of the (June 2006)


Child Protective Services Program at the Department of Social Services, A Review of the (September 2009)
Commerce, An Administrative Review of the Department of (February 2004)
Corrections' Prison Industries Program, A Review of the Department of (May 2006)


Deaf and the Blind, Education and Safety Issues at the South Carolina School for the (September 2005)
DHEC, A Review of Water Quality Permits and Certifications Issued by (August 2010)


Education and Issues of Efficiency and Accountability in K-12 Education, A Review of the State Department of -AND- School Districts, Issues of Efficiency and Accountability Relating to (November 2006)
Education's Administration of the Comprehensive Health Education Act, The Department of (May 2003)


Guardian ad Litem Program, A Review of the South Carolina (August 2010)


Health and Human Services Agencies: A Review of Non-Medicaid Issues, South Carolina (October 2004)
Higher Education Performance Funding Process, A Review of the (February 2003)
Housing Finance and Development Authority, A Review of Selected Operations of the State (February 2007)
Housing Finance and Development Authority's Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program, A Review of the State (June 2003)


Labor, Licensing and Regulation, A Review of the Professional and Occupational Licensing Division at the Department of  (February 2014)
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board, A Review of the (February 2008)


Medicaid Cost Containment, Options for (May 2005)
Medicaid Program, Cost Savings Strategies for the South Carolina (June 2003)


Natural Resources, A Review of Regulatory Issues at the Department of (April 2007)


Patients' Compensation Fund, A Review of the Medical Malpractice (January 2004)
Ports Authority's Expansion Plans, Issues Involved in the State (July 2004)
Probation, Parole and Pardon Services, A Limited-Scope Review of the Department of (December 2016)
Procurement Cards, A Review of State Agencies' Use of (September 2013)
Public Service Commission, A Review of the (July 2004)


Research Authority (SCRA), A Review of the South Carolina (November 2007)


Second Injury Fund, A Review of the South Carolina (November 2008)


Transportation, Results of a Performance Audit of the S.C. Department of (February 2010)
Transportation's Road Paving Contracts, A Review of Competition for the Department of (June 2003)
Travel, A Review of State (July 2007)


Universal Service Fund, A Review of the South Carolina (June 2007)


Victim Services in South Carolina, An Overview of (April 2009)